Measure your heart at home and get a diagnosis faster

  • Easy to use, wear it for a full day
  • Get preliminary results in the app
  • Our AI gets to know your heart
MedBeat ECG

Most heart problems don't happen all the time

Measure your heart for a full day while living your normal life to detect changes a typical test can’t notice. 

heart rate monitor

An app for quick and easy use

The app is connected to your device ands sends your results to your doctor. This means you can get both  fast preliminary results and a faster diagnosis. 

heart rate monitor

Learning your body

Everyone has a unique heart. MedBeat learns what your healthy base level is and notices if your measurements deviate from this. 

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Peace of mind and a faster diagnosis

Measure your heart from home and get reliable results your doctor can use. Our AI learns your unique heart and lets you know of any changes.

Heart rate monitor

How it works

MedBeat works with your normal every day life, you can even wear it in the shower.

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1. Your Doctor prescribes MedBeat

heart rate monitor

2. Log in to the app to get started

heart rate monitor

3. Measure your heart from the comfort of your own home

Heart monitor

4. Get instant feedback to detect anomalies unique to you

Measure your heart

5. Your doctor reviews your results and gives you a diagnose

MedBeat ECG

The Team

We work in healthcare and technology and understand the importance of making a product that is easy to use. 

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Made by Doctors

Meet our team

Our team has a variety of backgrounds in healthcare and technology. Read more about our team to learn about our backgrounds and our vision for the future.

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